discover how to

Sense their energy presence

Feel their emotion

Know what they are thinking

Ask them questions & receive a reply

surrender to embrace
8 week everyday medumship intensive

I designed this program around my book Everyday Medium and put together online content that includes videos and tutorials of the exercises you can watch at anytime from the comfort of your own home. They show you all about your spiritual anatomy, how to diagnose an energy disruption to correct it, exercises to release what hinders you from consciously being aware of your loved ones presence and tools to communicate with them through your spirit senses. I adapt and modify the online content to meet your specific needs during our one on one sessions so you can achieve the maximum results you want to know your loved one is still alive, okay and with you.


    Each week you will receive a new lesson and video tutorial to practice and begin to apply in your daily life to experience your loved one's presence. 
  2. 7 PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS                                                                Each session is scheduled after you have practiced the current week's video lessons, so I can answer any questions you have about applying that week's information and tools to get you the best results when we connect with your loved ones each week.      
  3. UNLIMITED EMAIL ACCESS                                                                                  I am here for you when you need me during this process, so email me or text me at any time.  

$2500 Single Payment

or 2 Installments of $1500
The single payment is due when your application is approved. If you choose the installment plan, the first installment is due upon approval and the second 4 weeks later.

is THIS PROGRAM right for you?

This program isn’t for everyone.
It focuses on healing the emotional pain that hinders us from experiencing the presence of our loved ones around us. It requires us to face the very fear that makes us feel separated from them and this can be hard to do. I work with a small number of students each month because I want you to know when your pain is triggered and you need someone I WILL BE THERE to help you,
but it won't work unless YOU WANT HELP. 

If YOU'RE READY, APPLY NOW and schedule your free call to Ask Me Anything. 
Take the first step to removing the weight of pain that feels so heavy and let's get
you started communicating with your loved ones when you miss them,
so you don't have to... 

"My husband comes to me in my dreams but I wasn't sure what was happening, so I would push him away. This program helped me learn how to talk to him in my dreams. I've really needed him and and it's like he has come back to life just to have conversations with me about everything that happened including the pain I feel. Thank you for being in my life, I don't know how I would have gotten through this without you." - Vanessa C.

"Amazing program! One on one time with Marsha has validated my experiences as well as helped me to develop and discover my abilities. I have learned how to control them, recognize when someone else's energy is present and how to handle it. Just do it! It's not only healing it is amazing fun!" - Stacy R.

Upon application submission you will schedule a date and time
for your free call to Ask Me Anything, no obligation to purchase.